How To File An Insurance Claim From A California Fire?

If you have lost your home, business or possessions due to a Southern California wildfire,

Wildfire Insurance Claims

How To File An Insurance Claim From A California Fire?

If you have lost your home, business or possessions due to a Southern California wildfire, you need to file an insurance claim to recoup your losses. These claims need to be filed quickly to ensure prompt payment and can help you financially recover from the destruction these fires have caused on your property.

Working with an insurance company to get paid for the damages you have endured can be challenging, and many are turning to potential lawsuits against PG&E and Edison for their alleged role in the fires. While these lawsuits may provide the financial means to rebuild after a fire has destroyed your home or business, you still have a right to file an insurance claim to begin the healing process.

The ravishes of the California fires are just the beginning of the issues that you are about to endure. Many local areas have been completely destroyed, and your property value will drop drastically as a result. This may make it impossible to rebuild the same value of home that you once had as insurance adjusters can easily undervalue your property damage as a result of a fire. These insurance adjusters have the interest of the insurance company in mind and want to save them money in paying out fire insurance claims.

You have a right to hire your own independent adjuster to value your property and get you a fair settlement from your insurance company. An independent adjuster that you hire will work with your best interests in mind and place a fair value on your home after it has been damaged or completely destroyed in a fire.

What Do You Need To File A Fire Claim?

Your insurance company has guidelines that you need to follow to file a fire claim. They require detailed information about your losses, and you will need to file a proof of losses claim to initiate the process. Be sure to include the following information as part of your claim request to ensure proper filing and the most immediate response to coverage.

You will need to provide your insurance company:

  • Date of your fire losses
  • Type of damages caused by the fire
  • The location of the fire damage
  • Information on injuries that have occurred
  • All parties involved in the fire losses
  • Condition of your home after the fire
  • All damaged contents including your personal belongings
  • Whether temporary repairs are required after the fire
  • A copy of the police report for your fire losses

Staying on top of your fire claim can ensure quick recovery of your damages and get you on the road to rebuilding again. Remember to continue paying your insurance premiums after a fire has occurred to ensure coverage of your property damage. Most insurance claims are resolved within 30 days of a claim, making it imperative that you file yours as soon as possible after a fire.

Contact Kalfayan Merjanian to initiate your rights to file a fire lawsuit against PG&E and Edison. They can help you receive compensation for the damages your family has suffered from and allow you to move forward with your life after a fire. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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