California Wildfires Destroyed My Home & Land, Now What?

The California fires have ravished homes and businesses. They have destroyed property,


California Wildfires Destroyed My Home & Land, Now What?

The California fires have ravished homes and businesses. They have destroyed property, and you may be one of the thousands of victims that have lost everything due to these fires. You have a right to file a claim with your insurance company to recover the losses that you have endured because of these fires. Unfortunately, filing these insurance claims can be difficult and often times if is hard to recoup the full value of your damaged home or property.

Your Property Value May Be Reduced

There are many factors to consider when filing your insurance claim. Your home or business may have suffered greatly from the California wildfires. Your entire community may be destroyed and rebuilding in the same location may not be possible. There are environmental concerns to contend with as well as zoning changes that can affect if rebuilding can and does occur.

Your home or business may be subjected to rebuilding guidelines that stipulate the rebuilding process, making difficult to rebuild with the same level of value that you once had. Vineyards are one area that is specifically being affected by these wildfires as these family-owned businesses can no longer grow on the charred land that has been rid of its nutrient to grow grapes again.

Beyond the fire damage, your home or business may be affected by mudslides that are making their way through the landscape. They are creating even more devastation in their wake and delaying rebuilding into the unknown.

Your property may have a lower value than you estimated as insurance adjusters work to provide lost cost claims to the insurance companies that employ them. The value these adjusters place on your home or business will never provide you enough funding to rebuild to the same level that you were accustomed to. You deserve more for your suffering and losses from these fires.

What Can You Do?

Many individuals are turning to potential lawsuits against PG&E and Edison for their alleged responsibility in these California fire. These people cannot be blamed for these litigations as they only want to move forward with their lives and recover what they once had. To date, there are four lawsuits for these wildfires pending against Edison, and it is anticipated that more will follow.

It is also suggested that you file a claim with your insurance company immediately to begin the process of recovering your lost property. While these claims can be complex, it is recommended that you have the following information ready when you file yours.

  • Loss dates
  • Type of damage
  • Location of damage
  • Related injuries
  • People involved
  • Home condition
  • Damaged belongings
  • Repairs that need to occur
  • Police report

When you have lost property or unnecessarily have suffered from a California wildfire, a lawsuit against the responsible parties may help you recover from the damage. The attorneys at Kalfayan Merjanian can help fight for your rights to financial compensation and get you the relief you need to begin rebuilding your life. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are here to help you.


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