California Natural Disasters and Their Impact on Your Life

Various types of natural disasters can strike in the state of California.

Disaster Recovery Plan, DRP

California Natural Disasters and Their Impact on Your Life

Various types of natural disasters can strike in the state of California. The latest catastrophe occurred in the fall of 2017 when wildfires killed at least 35 people and burned 220,000 acres of land. The economic losses for the Northern California region were estimated at anywhere between three and six billion dollars, CNBC reported.

Several other types of natural disasters are possible in the state. Being prepared for such events is never easy but it can potentially save your life and diminish property damages.

Most Common Types of California Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, the most populous state in the US is also ranked among the ones most prone to natural disasters. Over the years, California has been affected by wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, floods, tsunamis and storms.

Apart from fires, earthquakes have also caused serious devastation and the loss of many lives. Two quakes stand out as exceptionally deadly and financially devastating – the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that killed 63 people and the Southern California earthquake from 1994 that contributed to the loss of 61 lives.

While the California wildfires are being considered a natural disaster, recent reports suggest that human activity has made them worse. Referring to the 2017 fires, media investigations show that nine out of 10 wildfires are the outcome of human activity. Over the years, more than 2.4 million acres of land in California have been scorched by wildfire as a direct consequence of negligence and human activity.

Preparing for Natural Disasters and Recovering from the Losses

Living in a disaster-prone area means that you need to prepare for an eventual catastrophe. There are several things you can do both before disaster strikes and in the immediate aftermath.

Getting the right kind of insurance is the first and the biggest essential. In the event of property damage following a covered event, you will get compensation for the destruction. Such financial resources can be invaluable when you’re trying to rebuild your home/business and return to normal life.

An emergency preparedness plan enacted before the catastrophe strikes is also important and it can save lives. Make sure you always have the needed supplies available and that every single family member knows how to escape to a safe place.

Assessing damages immediately after the natural disaster strikes is the next step. An insurance claim is based on such an assessment. The more evidence you have (in the form of photos, videos and even witness reports), the easier it will be to defend the insurance claim.

Finally, remember that insurance companies deal with a ton of claims in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Slowdowns are likely and the same applies to getting a small amount or having your claim rejected altogether. In such an instance, it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced legal team that will help you get the compensation you deserve and you have been paying for over the years.

The Kalfayan Merjanian law team can help you get back on your feet after surviving a natural disaster. Whether a utility company is under investigation for causing a wildfire or you’re struggling with your insurance claim, you will get professional assistance and support throughout the process.


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