Recovering Your Losses After A California Wildfire

Jan 11

Recovering Your Losses After A California Wildfire

When a fire rips through your community and takes everything that you have worked so hard for, it can be devastating on an emotional and physical level. These California fires have ravished the land, ruined homes, and destroyed businesses, leaving you and your loved ones stranded and without shelter. And, you deserve compensation for your losses.

Your Right To A Settlement

These losses can be recovered by filing a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison for their alleged involvement in the California fires. To date, four lawsuits have been filed against Edison for the fires with many more expected in the near future. You have a right to a settlement under the law against these companies above and beyond your insurance claim. This can help begin the healing process for you and your family and help you move forward with the rebuilding process.

In addition to filing a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison, you have a right to file a fire claim with your insurance company from your home or business losses. These insurance companies can provide you recovery of the damages you have endured, but not for the emotional suffering you have undergone from losing everything. This is where filing a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison can help you receive a financial settlement to ease the pain and suffering you have gone through from being a victim of a California fire.

Start The Rebuilding Process

Your home or business may beyond repair, and the property it is located on may be ravished. Rebuilding may be a considerable effort that needs to comply with guidelines enacted by the local and state government. This may make it impossible to rebuild with the settlement you have received from an insurance company. You need the compensation you deserve from those that were responsible for the fires and filing a lawsuit can help provide this financial assistance.

The value of your home or business may have been greatly reduced because a fire has destroyed your entire community. The insurance claim adjusters that survey your damage may place a low value on rebuilding your property and the belongings that you have lost. This will not provide you the recovery you need to rebuild a home of the same value or recreate the business establishment you have lost. You need a proper value for your property and full recovery for your losses. A settlement for a fire lawsuit can help provide you solace after a fire disaster and filing a lawsuit can mean the difference in whether you are able to rebuild your home or business after these devastating events.

When you are a victim of a California fire, you need the help of an attorney that can provide you legal guidance on recovering your losses. The lawyers at Kalfayan Merjanian can provide the legal assistance you need to file a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison for their alleged involvement in the fire that destroyed your home or business. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.





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