Protecting Your Home Value After A California Wildfire

Jan 11

Protecting Your Home Value After A California Wildfire

When a California wildfire ravishes your home and leaves nothing but a path of damage in its wake, you have a right to file a claim with your insurance company. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should protect your home and its contents, allowing you to recover from these devastating events. While this is how an insurance claim should work, it is not always the case.

Know Your Rights

When you file a claim with your insurance company for fire damage to your home, it will send an insurance claim adjustor out to survey the damage and estimate your home value. This value may be significantly less than what your home is worth as these claim adjusters are working to ensure the insurance company that employs them pays as little as possible for your damage. Your home value may not be enough to allow you to rebuild a home of the same stature, making your loss more devastating even with homeowner’s insurance to cover your losses.

You do have a right to use your own independent claim adjuster to value your home and property damage. These claim adjusters are contractors that work to keep your best interests in mind. They can place a fair value on your home so that you can rebuild a house that you can call home without an issue. This can make the difference in your ability to rebuild after a California fire and move forward with your life after these traumatic events.

Filing An Insurance Claim

It is imperative that you file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. It is most likely inundated with claims and the sooner you file, the sooner you will have a resolution to your situation. Keep in mind; you have a right to ask for an advance on your claim settlement, which can help provide for you during the recovery from the fire. This can provide funding for clothes, shelter, and meals, but you need to be responsible for your spending on these articles as it will affect your total compensation to come when your claim is resolved.

Beyond your insurance claim, you have a right to file a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison for their alleged involvement in the California fires. This can produce a settlement for the losses you have endured from the fires and give you compensation above and beyond your homeowner’s insurance coverage. As many as four lawsuits have been filed against Edison for the fires, and yours could be added to the litigation that this company is facing, so you can recover and rebuild after the fires.

When your home is damaged or lost due to a California wildfire, you need the help of an attorney you can trust to take action against those that are responsible for your suffering. The lawyers at Kalfayan Merjanian can help. They can help you file a lawsuit against PG&E and Edison for their alleged involvement in the wildfires and get you the compensation you deserve for your losses. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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